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TADS Educate – Delivering the Bigger Picture

Many modules, one login.


Alerts & Notifications – School can send alerts and notifications to staff, parents and students. (via Email, Text or Voice Message)

Templates & Distribution – Create, save and reuse communications templates. Generate an email or mail merge letter to a class, school or whole district.

Verify notification receipt and map the location of recipient.

Permissions – Control information access and tools utilized and viewed with tiered permission groups.

Powerful Reporting

Automated or Ad Hoc Reports – Administrators can use automated report generation or pull reports manually as any time as well as create their own ad hoc reports.

Report Filters Include:
  • Region, School, Grade, Gender or Age, and more…
Report Types Include:
  • Performance
  • Discipline
  • Attendance
  • Demographics
  • Class size
  • Enrollment numbers for all schools
  • and more…

Schedule Builder

Automatic Schedule Generation – Once a schools data is entered, a powerful schedule algorithm automatically generates the best schedule based on school preferences.

Drag, Drop & Lock – Easy drag and drop schedule building with the ability to lock special courses in place.

Multiple Types of Schedule Generation –
Multiple schedule types can be generated including:
  • Multiple terms or weeks
  • Block scheduling
  • Other non-traditional schedule structures
Manage Student Course Requests – Manage student course requests individually or in bulk. Manage potential choice conflicts, set priorities on requests and use quick section creation to provide a personalized process for balancing student placement against teacher needs and resources.

Cafeteria and Point of Sale

Maintain meal plans, including subsidized plans, lunch balances, menus and supply inventory. Create Point of Sale opportunities across your school, from cafeteria to bookstore.


Develop personalized performance evaluation forms. TADS provides 360-degree peer review functionality allowing each member of the school community to complete assessments for teachers and administrators.

For Teachers

Manage Assignments, Gradebook & Attendance –
Teachers can:
  • View class lists & student information
  • Take lunch & beverage counts
  • Track assignments
  • Input grades
  • Take attendance & more…
In-line Gradebook Editing –
  • Teachers can input grades from anywhere with our online system.
  • Automatic calculation for point earned, total points and total percentage for each student.
  • Highlight columns and rows to emphasize student and assignment grades while the teacher is editing, minimizing errors.
  • Transfer final grades and comments to our Results module for easy report card generation.
Assignment Management – Easily add assignments for each class and manage all information for assignment including due date, assigned point and description.

Quickly copy assignment to other sections or add directly from the grade book to populate throughout the whole system.

Classroom Dashboard – The teachers’ dash board displays a summary of tasks, assignments, not, schedules, recently viewed pages and more to provide quick access to anything within the Classroom module. Each user can customize his or her dashboard to their needs.

Visual Attendance – View student by their pictures to make taking attendance a breeze for both teachers and substitutes. (In this view, attendance, lunch and beverage counts can be taken.)

For Families

Parent Access – Parents can get access to student assignments, assessments, attendance, report cards and teacher comments. Parents can also sign up for news and events notifications, absentee alerts, drops in student grades notifications, school closings, and more.

Student Access – Students can view course information, grades and assignments.

Educate School Record Management

Powerful Data Collection

TADS Discover* module is a powerful tool collecting information from schools, classrooms and students.

Easily collects various kinds of data including:
  • Enrollment,
  • Staffing,
  • Student (test scores, extracurricular activity participation, attendance),
  • Student/teacher classroom ratio histories,
  • and, much more…
*National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) census compatible.

Automatic Validation

Automatic validation highlighting ensures incomplete census survey questions are noted and encourages census question completion.

Flexible Reporting

Schools can set up automated report generation or pull reports manually at any point in time as well as create their own ad hoc reports to review current and past survey results.

User Personalization

Personalize the look and feel of a user’s dashboard interface as well as their views.

Comprehensive Support

Support is available at a click or call away with online chat, email and toll-free customer service support.

Systematic Data Sharing

Enter school, student, family or donor information once with systematic data sharing throughout all TADS products.