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Educate School Management


TADS Cornerstone is now TADS Educate!

The Educate suite of products is comprised of several School Management System (SMS) management solutions that provide access and features for parents, teachers, and administrators. It is the most comprehensive solution on the market for managing data throughout an entire school district, archdiocese, or a single organization. Information is shared across one user record for each category, allowing you to see a “big picture” view of one individual who might be a donor, parent and volunteer, while still providing separation as needed to distinguish between that person’s different roles, districts, or parishes. Within this central system, personalized permissions allow you to determine who can access each feature, ensuring every staff member; volunteer; or administrator can view exactly the information they need.

School Management

Manage your school’s students, prospects, alumni and their families easily and efficiently. This comprehensive software solution makes your everyday tasks — from managing attendance for the school to sending monthly newsletters to managing your alumni — simple to manage through one system, so that your staff won’t need to chase down the information they need.

One Record
Each person who interacts with a school will have one user record where you can access all of their information, from their introduction as a prospect through each year they are a student, and finally as an alumnus and donor. You will always be able to easily access information about a person from past years.

Multiple Solutions

Educate encompasses several solutions designed to meet the needs of schools, dioceses, districts, churches, non-profit organizations, administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Each solution has been designed with features that address the unique needs of each user, from a diocese or district managing hundreds of schools to an independent organization managing one school.

Online Systems Means No Locally-Installed Software

Unlike other SIS/SMS systems that require expensive servers, highly-trained database administrators and other IT staff to administer archaic on-premises software, Educate is a web-based system. Because Educate is web-based, TADS handles all hosting implementation and our state-of-the-art security-compliant tech environment delivers 24/7 access from anywhere.