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Educate Spring Update

Educate Spring Update

March 30, 2017

2017-2018 school year setup, classroom announcements, attendance reports, …

What’s New in Educate?

Setting up the next school year has never been easier! We have improved the step by step process in the system AND we want to work with your school to guide you through this process. Our goal for your school is to complete all setup tasks at least 45 days before start schools in the fall.

  • Step 1:  Complete our 2017-2018 setup questionnaire. Tell us how we can help fine-tune your setup for next year when you complete this survey!
  • Step 2:  Kick back and relax while we review your survey feedback, take a look at your current setup and put together a plan for the adjustments you have requested. Then smile when you receive a response from our team with your next steps!
  • Step 3:  Work with our team to make the requested changes. All configuration adjustments and report card template adjustments need to be finalized 45 days before the first day of school to avoid setup fees.
What’s been improved in Educate?

If your teachers have permissions to add announcements, they can now add announcements that will be displayed in the household portal for students and contacts to view. If this is not a feature that your school uses now and you would like to turn it on, please contact us

The Attendance by Section and Attendance by Period reports will now display attendance comments when they are exported to Excel.

What’s been fixed in Educate?

The system was allowing staff to select a student on the Finalized Grades page, even if the student did not have a score in the “Score” section. This allowed blank records to be saved, preventing scores from correctly appearing when a student would drop one section and move to a different section in the same course. For this reason, the system no longer allows staff to save a blank record on the Finalized Grades page.
The Household ID field was not displaying when the Household link was selected from a Student or Contact record; the Household ID field now shows as expected.

Any operations updates?

Not recently. But! Do remember to update your bookmarked pages to the new Educate URL( if you haven’t already.

Sneak preview…

We are working on improvements to our Communications features. These updates will impact the way our schools send alerts (including automatic alerts for attendance, academics and point of sale). It will also make it easier to connect the school administration to students and households via email, phone and text. We are hoping to roll out these updates this summer!

Extra info!

We are still (and always) looking to gather more feedback from our users. This means you, of course! There is a feedback survey link on the signature line of all emails that we send out. However, if you haven’t recently contacted us and want to send your thoughts on the system – you can do it right now! Click on this survey link and weigh in on our product and our support.