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TADS Donates Computer Lab for Our Lady of Fatima

TADS Donates Computer Lab for Our Lady of Fatima

November 9, 2010

Wall of Thanks from students at Our Lady of FatimaTADS Technology Group recently had the pleasure of traveling to Monroe, Louisiana, to install a fully-managed computer lab. We donated seventeen desktop computers and monitors, internet filtering and monitoring hardware, and an on-site server for a Shreveport Diocese school, Our Lady of Fatima. Not wanting to add burden to the already taxed staff, we’re able to administer the entire system from our offices in Minneapolis. The lab has been a huge hit with teachers, students and the community!

The picture displayed to the right is our ‘Wall of Thanks’ from the students of Our Lady of Fatima, which is proudly displayed at the TADS office.

We are so excited to help Our Lady of Fatima enable their students now and into the future.