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Stockdale Christian School

Who is the Stockdale Christian School?

Stockdale Christian is a school that is dedicated to training young men and women to be followers of Christ. This vision involves the home, the church, and the school. We know the decisions in the home, church, and school must harmonize with each other in order to have a unified educational experience.

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Enrollment: 940 Students
Associations: ACSI, WASC, CITA

About our school.
Stockdale Christian School serves boys and girls in preschool through eighth grades. It is an interdenominational ministry serving students from more than one hundred church fellowships. The school has a 32-year history of providing exceptional academics, an internationally renowned music conservatory and a comprehensive educational philosophy that includes prayer and the Bible as key in its curricula, integrating principles of faith, learning, and living.

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Choosing TADS?

We chose TADS because of the sophistication of the model and the service level of the staff. The staff is very helpful, friendly and concerned about meeting my school’s needs, not just making a sale.

Stockdale Christian School & TADS.

Before TADS.
Financial Aid – Our school board finance committee would have to review each application and make a decision based on both quantitative and qualitative information.

Current system used.
Financial Aid – TADS Financial Aid Assessment
Improvement – our school & processes.
TADS has helped take the emotion and awkwardness out of the process. First, the school does not receive or store any of the applicant information that provides comfort to the parent knowing their confidential information is not stored on campus. Also, TADS runs the quantitative data through a well-honed process of algorithms to provide a non-biased way of recommending grant amounts. This establishes a level playing field for all families, no matter who they know, or what administrator they spoke to, or how well-established they are in the school. However, TADS has flexibility in their model to accommodate school-specific policies including financial aid budget amounts with multiple phases, multiple application due dates, and requiring supplemental information in the application process.

What we learned.
Some things I have learned about our families include a better understanding of their situation, without knowing all the details, so we can better respond to their needs. Also, it was interesting to see families that were on the financial aid list for years did not want to go through the more in-depth TADS process. Also, the Superintendent and families feel more comfortable in educational discussions knowing the financial details are being handled by a 3rd party.