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International School of Boston

Who is the International School of Boston?

International School of Boston (ISB) is the only school of its kind in New England, enrolling students from Pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, offering a distinctive and intellectually challenging, bilingual French-American academic program.

Location: Boston, MA
Enrollment: 574 Students, 132 Faculty
Associations: AISNE, NAIS, AFSA, AEFE

About our school.
ISB students learn to thrive in a global, multi-lingual community, by pairing the study of international languages with the study of sciences and humanities including philosophy. This integrated curriculum enables our students to experience, rather than simply learn about, the world in which they live. As a result, they become engaged citizens who think critically and communicate effectively across cultures. Students obtain 100% success at both the French- and the International Baccalaureate and are accepted at the University of their choice. The International School of Boston offers much more than an education — it provides a gateway to the world.

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Choosing TADS?

We choose TADS because we appreciate the level of personal contact and their keen understanding of how schools operate and process the different steps of admissions, enrollment and tuition payments. TADS appeared to be user-friendly from the very beginning although the new interface is much better and a pleasure to work with.

International School of Boston & TADS.

Before TADS.
New & Re-enrollment – Processed internally
Financial Aid – School & Student Services by NAIS
Tuition Management – Tuition Pay

Current systems used.
Financial Aid – TADS Financial Aid Assessment
Enrollment – TADS Enrollment Management
Tuition Management – TADS Billing & Tuition Management

(We are currently exploring the possibility of using TADS for our Admissions process.)
Improvement – our school & processes.
Paperwork and paper-chasing got reduced drastically! As the entire process is web-based, it gives all our families (especially the many new families from abroad) the possibility to sign up quickly and in just a few clicks. The reporting capacity of TADS is fantastic; it gives admissions and accounting the effective tools they need. The overall financial aid process and tuition management became more efficient and personalized. Parents appreciate this very much.

What we learned.
Because it is simple to personalize tuition payment contracts, we realize that parents come more easily into our offices to discuss a payment plan that fits their needs, especially during difficult economic times. In the same way we appreciate the personal attention we receive from TADS, our parents like the fact that ISB is listening to their needs and is able to find a solution very quickly and effectively.

“We are very pleased with the services we receive from TADS.”