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Emerson Waldorf School

Who is the Emerson Waldorf School?

The Emerson Waldorf School has served the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area since 1984 and currently enrolls 260 students in grades Nursery – 12. We provide a holistic, classical education based on developmentally appropriate academics infused with the arts and movement activities.

Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Enrollment: 260 Students

About our school.
EWS is part of a global Waldorf school alliance that is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. There are currently about 200 Waldorf Schools in North America and almost 1,000 worldwide.

To learn more about the Emerson Waldorf School, start here:

Choosing TADS?

We began with the financial aid management and our satisfaction with TADS brought us to use the other services.

Emerson Waldorf School & TADS.

Before TADS.
Admissions & Enrollment – Done in house.
Financial Aid – We tried other companies for financial aid and tuition management.
Tuition Management – Done in house.

Current systems used.
Admissions & Enrollment – TADS Admissions & Enrollment
Financial Aid – TADS Financial Aid Assessment
Tuition Management – TADS Billing & Tuition Management

(We use every service we can get our hands on!)
Improvement – our school & processes.
The time, effort and costs of providing services in house was prohibitive. We have saved time for our staff and our parents and our processes are more accurate.

Our partnership – the philosophy & fit.
Waldorf schools are unique entities with site-based management. TADS allows us the most freedom to customize our services to meet the needs of our individual school.