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December Cornerstone Updates

December Cornerstone Updates

December 12, 2014
cornerstone needs love
our devs have a lot to give
enjoy these updates

In addition to a lot of new features, our developers have been hard at work fixing issues throughout Cornerstone:

  • When clicking “Save and Add Another” on the Assignment page, users will be directed to the new assignment page
  • Allowing checkmarks (√) to print on the report card if they were included in the Comments section of the Finalized Grades page
  • A validation message will now appear on the Finalized Grades page if a user enters a value outside of the gradescale for that section
  • If the school year start and end dates are modified for a school (i.e. due to inclement weather), the school can bulk update the dates through School > Setup > General > School Year > select school year > Step 5: Enroll students in Grades edit link for each grade > select students > Bulk Actions > Set Enrollment Dates
  • Assignment scores that exceed the points possible for an assignment now appear correctly on the household portal
  • In Cafeteria Staff Accounts, when loading the page of more than 50 results, the page will now accurately display the results
  • Schools with courses that grade on both Scores and Standards can now display full information to the household portal for Scores with Standards assignments
  • Report card batches that were created by users who are no longer active now display in the Results module
  • When on the security page and setting contact access, users are now alerted if they attempt to send a blank email message
  • The new grade book now includes the system’s initial solution for sections that use letter grade only grading scales
  • If using a standards report card that includes the teacher name, the teacher name will now appear correctly
  • Attendance by Student report will correctly pull absent counts for schools using section attendance
  • Fundraising donors who are not marked as primary contacts will no longer appear on list page

As always, reach out to us at or create a TADS support ticket if you have questions or want more information on these updates.