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March Cornerstone Updates

March Cornerstone Updates

The latest Cornerstone release included a few bug fixes and an update to the grade book to function on an iPad. It is exciting for us to continue to provide product updates for our clients that improve the overall Cornerstone experience.

The Beta 3 version of the Grade book has been improved to operate on iPads! This is the first release of this feature and includes:

  • Keyboard automatically loads when selecting to bulk edit an assignment
  • Modals position themselves to be visible even when keyboard is expanded
  • Assignments can now be added from the New Grade book
  • Student name and Assignment name now display in the note bubble, comment bubble functions in landscape and portrait mode
  • Legend is fixed to lower right corner with 3 different sizing options
  • Improved the overall appearance and sizing of grade book cells and indicators
  • Green overlay arrows have replaced scrollbars
  • Column and row are highlighted when editing a cell


Other Updates:

  • When setting dates for track terms, the year will populate as 20xx, even if the user does not select a date from the calendar.
  • If a user is asked to answer a security question while using the Forgot Password feature, the system will correctly identify the answer to the question and will email the username.
  • When editing Course properties, the Back and Save buttons will both return the user to the Properties overview page.
  • If a future school year has not been set up with grades and a user enters registration information for a student, the user will see a validation message that tells them to set up the next school year in order to proceed.
  • On the Finalized Grades page for a Section, the history will display the exact calculated value to the tenth.
  • The Weekly Attendance page within a student profile will now load as expected.
  • Alert preference for employees are now individually customizable. Note that all users need to have contact information set up (email addresses and phone numbers) in order to receive alerts.
  • The WYSIWYG editor now has the option to insert an image within the body of the email.