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Even More January Cornerstone Updates

Even More January Cornerstone Updates

January 29, 2015

Mini-release day! This is not a major release, but a small update to make sure you are getting the latest and greatest of the features in the system. Here are the items included in this update:

  • All scores entered in the new gradebook will be saved as expected; there was a defect in the way scores were saving if a user was very quickly entering data
  • The new gradebook will pull the current term for teachers; previously, the new gradebook was not defaulting to the current term if there were multiple tracks set up in the school with different term types (i.e. a school was set up to use both semester-based and trimester-based tracks)
  • Assignment Categories can now contain quotation marks
  • The Finalized Grades page validation message now displays correctly
  • The font size on the exported Daily Attendance report is larger and easier to read
  • The “Paste from Word” and “View Source” options will now appear on the WYSIWYG correspondence editor
  • School logos will now appear on statements that are generated in the Finance module
  • If a school needs to bulk update the school year dates, (i.e. modifying the end date for a year), they can do so through School > Setup > General > School Years > Select a school year > Step 5: Enroll students in grades edit link for a grade > Select Students > Bulk Actions > Set Enrollment Dates

As always, more to come!