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January Cornerstone Updates

January Cornerstone Updates

January 20, 2015

Our developers have been busy with bug fixes and new features!


  • Access can now be set for more than 100 users at a time
  • If a school has the users set more than one security question, the questions will now read correctly when they are reset by the user
  • After a user sends bulk correspondence, the status column now accurately reflects if the correspondence failed or was successfully sent; if the message does fail, the system now displays more specific details to inform the user why the message failed
  • If a correspondence message includes a confirmation email address, the confirmation email will be received within 5 minutes that the bulk message is sent from the system
  • When adding new households, users can either add new contacts or students or they can search the system for existing students or contacts
  • If a user has permissions to the Edit link to "Course Details" on the Section overview page, the link will take the user directly to the edit page, instead of the view properties page of the course
  • When a school wants to modify or delete the scheduled period for a section, the period can now easily be changed by de-selecting the chosen period and clicking the Save button
  • The Attendance by Student report will now pull all sections, even if they are not scheduled for a period of the day
  • The Assignment Status report will now filter the results by student, instead of pulling all the students in one class
  • The Student Contact Detail data set now has an option to add a School Year column
  • When setting up a the event schedule for the school year (School > Setup > General > School Years > select School Year > Step 8: Set up school year schedule), the option has been renamed ;"Setup School Event Calendar" to clear up confusion with users


  • The horizontal scroll bar in the new gradebook will now scroll all the way left or right if a user presses the left or right arrow on the keyboard
  • The legend that appears on the gradebook will now be minimized until a user wants to expand it on the page; it can be expanded by clicking on one of the three red arrows in the lower right corner of the screen
  • If a user prints a gradebook or exports a gradebook to Excel, the dropped students will appear at the bottom of the list of students, the same way they appear in the legacy Cornerstone interface
  • Dropped students no longer contribute to the overall count of ungraded students on an assignment in the gradebook
  • Students that are dropped from a section in one term do not appear in the gradebook for subsequent terms
  • A standard assignment in one course section can now be copied with the standard category it was associated with to another section for that same course (note: this will only work if a standard category is set up in the section it is being copied to)


  • Households that choose not to share address, email and/or phone number will appear on the household directory, if granted access by the school, but their information will not appear


  • Non-recurring alerts no longer require a user to set a start and end date
  • Recurring alerts are now required to have a start and end date for the alert


  • If a donor has no giving history but the spouse of the donor does have a giving history, a prompt will now appear when entering a transaction
  • When a contact in a household sets their phone number as "Same as Household", the phone number now displays as expected


  • Users can now add previous enrollment records to a new applicant in the Admissions module