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Cornerstone Software and Service Improvements

Cornerstone Software and Service Improvements

August 18, 2014

We are excited to announce the updates that the Cornerstone team at TADS will be making to the system. In the next four months, get ready to see improvements within:


Our team is offering Tuesday sessions for teachers and Thursday sessions for Administrators every week starting 8/19/2014. Sign up for upcoming sessions at Continue to check the site throughout the year, as more sessions will be added to fully equip our Cornerstone users with the best tools for a successful and productive year.

System Speed

Last week we moved the main Cornerstone installation to a new state-of-the-art hosting environment with enterprise-grade hardware and software monitoring systems. The upgrade significantly improved system performance and updates to the software over the next few months will continue this very needed trend. The feedback from schools has already been amazing!

Grade Book

We are currently working on a complete grade book overhaul (from scratch!). The new grade book will include enhancements for standards-based grading, easier operation and mobile compatibility.

User Interface

We have received a great deal of constructive criticism regarding user functionality within Cornerstone. We are working on creating task-based interfaces to ease completion of everyday operations.


Additional reports requested by schools are being added, as are updates to current report formats and functionality.

Cornerstone / TADS Integration

For schools that use TADS for tuition management/Enrollment/Admissions/Financial Aid, we will be tightening up the real-time integration between the two platforms.