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Cornerstone Migration, or Fun With Scissors

Cornerstone Migration, or Fun With Scissors

August 6, 2014

“Well, that was fun!” …said nobody at TADS.

The Cornerstone servers at ImageTrend were brought down yesterday (8/5) at 9:00 AM and finally brought up again at 6:00 PM Central at our brand new hosting facility.  Of course the migration took way longer than planned (ah, technology) and for that we apologize.

This was a huge move for the software, and unfortunately we are still experiencing a few issues today.  We are continuing to work on all of the loose ends, but should have everything working correctly by tomorrow.

Please let us know if there are specific concerns you are having with your interface or website.


On a more positive note, we were able to render a few of the data-heavy pages in 1/8th 1/12th the time it took on the old servers! Woo!