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Cornerstone Gradebook Beta 3 Released

Cornerstone Gradebook Beta 3 Released

March 4, 2015

We’ve made some major updates to the new grade book and officially released the Beta 3 version.

Updates made since Beta2

  • The new gradebook legend was made smaller and less obstructive. The new legend has three different sizes and the smallest view docks in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. It defaults to the smallest size unless the user toggles the legend to another size. The state of the of the toggled legend saves so the next time the user goes to the new gradebook the legend will be the same size.
  • Students that drop a course no longer show up in subsequent grading periods.
  • The user can now scroll horizontally from one end of the gradebook to the other by holding down the arrow keys.
  • Update so the gradebook defaults to the school’s current grading period.
  • The Copy Assignment to Section(s) option now includes the ability for the teacher to copy Standards-based assignments to other course sections that have the same standards.
  • The new gradebook now displays the correct student’s grade percentage in the percent column for course sections with a force letter grade grading scale.
  • Gradebook codes with an attached numeric value, such as 0, cannot be entered in assignments that use a Standards-based or a Forced Letter Grade grading scale.
  • Users are now able to make an assignment category with quotation marks in the name.
  • All scores entered in the new gradebook will be saved as expected; there was a defect in the way scores were saving if a user was very quickly entering data.
  • In standards-based assignments initially, if a score higher than the highest possible score (ex. 4) was entered, the cell would briefly show a value of 4.00000. Now, the user will only see a regular 4 without the decimals.
  • The Hold Mouse Button text is no longer obscured by the assignment bar and the Add Assignment button on the same page is now regularly useable for Mac computers and iPads.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to an official Version 1 release this summer!