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Contracts and Customer Retention

Contracts and Customer Retention

February 18, 2011

Because of the, shall we say, interesting way some tuition management companies tie schools into their service, we often find ourselves in the strange situation of explaining the intricacies of contracts that are not our own.

We have found that some of our competitors’ contracts require schools to follow detailed and time-sensitive processes to change to TADS Tuition Management. If these procedures are not followed explicitly, schools are not be able to switch services until the next processing season, or pay a penalty of tens of thousands of dollars to do so (depending on expected revenue from your school).

So, that’s no fun. There’s a reason we say ‘TADS schools are happy schools’! Simply put, we’re here to serve you. Our retention rate is so exceptional because we offer a valuable service for a reasonable price, not because we keep schools tied to us under threat of penalty. We feel that if our service fails to meet client expectations, that client should be free to simply leave and use another. No service is going to fit every school 100%, but we take all feedback to heart and have been successful in partnering with institutions to their and our satisfaction.