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Comprehensive School Enrollment

Comprehensive School Enrollment

January 13, 2014

‘Tis the season to start thinking about on-boarding students into your school for next year.

TADS Enrollment is a powerful, full-service school enrollment service that lets families:

  • update existing family and student information
  • answer any newly-requested information
  • submit immunization records or other year-dependent forms
  • pay fees
  • roll all information directly into tuition management

To our surprise, the term ‘Enrollment’ seems to mean vastly different things to various schools and companies! If you are looking to bring students and their info as described above into your school and greatly decrease paperwork while doing so, check out our Enrollment service. If, however, you are looking to enroll students into a payment plan (AKA ‘tuition enrollment‘), take a look at our powerful Billing & Tuition Management service.

Questions? Fire away!