Teachers, administration, and families have comprehensive roles in their child’s education. From meetings and communication to tracking payments and grades, even smaller functions like filling out forms significantly impact school functions and education. K-12 school software can cover every step of the private school process, starting with an interest in the school through managing grades and parent-teacher communications. 

Finding the right set of private school software can give your institution and families the care you need. At Community Brands, we offer several helpful services your school can implement to better manage various functions, including: 

1. Admissions and Enrollment 

Our Admissions and Enrollment private school software helps enhance and manage these processes for schools. It collects several pieces of critical data from families and students working through applications and forms, so you can make stronger decisions about marketing tactics and financial decisions. Whether you need to identify your target audience or award financial aid, this software can help your administrative team manage each process. 

This system is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps foster and strengthen your connection with and understanding of students and their families. It collects vital big-picture data as students show interest in your school, so you can create more targeted content addressing their needs and questions. It tracks their progress through processes to help you understand where they are and identify what kind of support they need. 

With our Admissions and Enrollment services, you can better manage and track payments and billing. The software solutions apply bills automatically to student accounts and differentiate between numerous payment groups. It tracks payments, letting you know how many families still need to submit theirs. Advanced data collection lets you make more informed decisions about financial aid and scholarships free from bias. 

2. Tuition Management and Student Billing

For a one-stop financial platform, the Tuition Management and Student Billing software solution manages your billing and payments all in one place. As cloud-based software, families, and administration can access portals whenever they need and across several devices, making it ideal for electronic payments. 

We can also help establish and strengthen a custom interface representing your brand standards by adding logos, school colors, fonts, and other visual details. Your payment and billing portal can strengthen your marketing efforts and brand association. 

3. Financial Aid and Awarding

Many schools offer scholarships and financial aid to encourage student success and help families stay on budget. However, schools need to ensure they award financial aid fairly to avoid bias while assisting students that need it. With our Financial Aid and Awarding solution, your administrative team receives detailed reports from Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) to make stronger, more accurate judgments about awards and scholarships.

This software helps streamline decisions by calculating information quickly and securely. It verifies all tax forms within 15 hours of their submission. When handling sensitive family information, you can assure families that their data is secure when using this platform. As families work through the application, the software tracks their progress in real-time, so you can always understand what point they are at. You can also customize alerts and notifications to send important information to families in a way they will best respond to.

4. School Accounting 

Private school finances are complex with many functions to cover. Schools need the right tools to assist and support accounting, especially those with smaller departments and administrative teams. Our School Accounting software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud-based resource that aims to increase financial reporting and efficiency at your private K-12. 

This software solution helps you make custom reports for board members and donors before and after events, so they can better understand your actions and how it affects them. This function makes it an excellent tool for budgeting by tracking progress and asset movement to help you know where you stand financially and set realistic goals that families and teams can support. 

The payment portal makes it easy for families to pay their bills online, and your accounting office can easily reconcile payments with reports for stronger family relationships. 

Our solution offers many functional properties for a more versatile financial and accounting tool. Other features provide additional benefits, including: 

  • Installing maintenance automatically: This software comes with maintenance protocols, making it easy to manage and run. Your accounting department can refocus its energy on tasks that require more attention. 
  • Strengthening security: With security and fraud alerts, this solution is safe for families and faculty to use. You can protect families’ financial and personal information while efficiently collecting payments. 
  • Increasing marketing efforts: You can implement your unique branding material and standards on payment portals and reports. Use your custom logos, fonts, and colors to maintain school spirit and meet marketing goals.

5. Advancement and Fundraising

The Advancement and Fundraising software helps you manage and organize virtual and hybrid fundraising events, so you can reach more people and ensure your safety standards. It lets you establish a live stream to share with your school community that engages students, families, and alumni.

This solution also helps increase communication with donors. You can send automatic donation requests and thank you notes over text or email to boost giving and build better relationships within your school community. The program encourages repeat giving, letting your donors establish regular payments for specific causes or memberships.

You will also receive detailed reports about donation and donor activity. This solution will help you better understand your donors and create targeted content for upcoming fundraisers.

6. Communication and Engagement 

Families play a crucial role in students’ education. You can boost their involvement with our Communication and Engagement software. This system digitally communicates with families, keeping them informed about their student and school announcements. You can customize communication methods to fit your needs, with options to send texts, emails with attachments, and online forms. 

Instant notifications can also help your administration maintain stronger communication with each other and families in emergencies or irregular situations. 

7. Student Information Systems 

Student Information Systems software solutions help teachers, administration, and families have more classroom visibility to better support students’ education. You can monitor daily attendance, track grades, and communicate with various parties through this system. 

Apply this software to every location in your school, from the classroom to sales points. Teachers can use this system in the classroom to manage assignments and grading. Outside the classroom, you can apply it to your cafeteria, spirit stores, and concession stands for secure payment platforms.

Administrative teams can receive automated reports about the school and various organizations. You easily compile census, finance, and audit reports and focus on other essential tasks. For families and teachers, the system manages communication efforts. It sorts contacts and handles alerts, messaging families through texts, emails, and voice messages.

Discover the Right Community Brands Solution for Your School

Every K-12 private school has unique needs and objectives. With so many school solutions, Community Brands software can help provide your school with the services it requires. As an organization that partners with over 5,000 private institutions and supports over 1 million students, you can trust our solutions. When you partner with Community Brands, your school can boost its efficiency and increase visibility for families and administration.

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Discover the Right Community Brands Solution for Your School