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Awards Management Updates

Awards Management Updates

December 4, 2014

As we add more and more first-class scholarship and fund organizations, we continue to make great enhancements to serve all fund sizes from 50 to 50,000+ applicants.

As a very quick overview, the TADS Award Management gives schools and organizations the ability to record and send award and denial notices directly through the TADS online interface. This system allows for custom messages to be sent along with any notification you deem appropriate. The awards communication platform keeps track of award decisions year after year and seamlessly transfers award data to the Agreement Management/Billing stage, automatically deducting the offered award from the child’s base tuition.

This functionality barely scratches the surface of what the Awards Management interface allows. Whether you are a fund awarding millions of dollars from multiple pools to families attending schools across the nation, or a school with just a few applicants, the TADS Award Management and Assessment system can greatly enhance your program for all involved.

Best of all, the Awards Management is already in your Financial Aid interface! Contact your implementation specialist for more information, or schedule a webinar with us today.

TADS Awards Interface