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Admissions & Enrollment


Whether you have 2,500 or 25 students, TADS Admissions & Enrollment easily adapts to the needs of your school, allowing families to meet your admissions and enrollment requirements quickly and efficiently.

Tools & Technology

Managing your enrollment and admissions has never been easier. Customized real-time reporting, fee collection and real-time tracking are just some of the tools available, enabling more focus on family interaction and less on paper pushing.

Your School, Your Identity

Maintaining your school’s unique brand and reputation is important. That’s why TADS provides your school with the ability to brand applications with customized text and school crests. Your school, your way.

End-to-End Solutions

Using our unique admissions tools, your school can effortlessly track family progress, read essays, keep track of class sizes, view submitted documentation and accept or decline applicants. TADS makes your admissions process even easier by collecting supporting documentation, following up with families on incomplete applications and by accepting payment for all admissions and enrollment fees. Our easy to use Admissions and Enrollment tools streamline productivity by allowing families to complete an automatically-created tuition management agreement and payment plan as a next step after Enrollment. Your time is important and TADS gives you more of it.