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Admissions & Enrollment Enhancements

Admissions & Enrollment Enhancements

March 22, 2012

We’ve had many requests for enhancements to our Admissions & Enrollment products from schools, and subsequently, many mini-releases over the past few months. Our developers and product testers have been very busy!

Admissions & Enrollment additions or improvements:

  • Class size capacity control, targets and wait-list functionality
  • Override default enrollment fees on a per-student basis (see screenshot)
  • Unlimited sub-statuses for student progress through Admissions & Enrollment
  • Pre-agreement for electronic acceptance of contracts
  • Charged items can subtract from overall tuition cost in Tuition Management
  • Many enhancements aimed at national-standards for an online, electronically-signed agreement (more information on this coming soon!)
  • Updated ability to display tuition for student at the beginning of enrollment
  • Ability to complete tuition management agreement immediately after enrollment has been completed
  • Tax year reporting for family education
  • Many new reports, interface tweaks and minor changes

If you have any questions about how these or other Admissions & Enrollment enhancements can be applied to your school, please contact us.