Billing & Tuition Management Comparison Chart

The following chart makes it easy to see the differences between your current tuition management processes, in-house or outsourced, and the service that TADS provides.

Use this table to compare your service to TADS
TADS Your Service

All-student, all-event billing system

Bill and manage any fee at any time. Manage tuition deposits, re-enrollment or new admissions application fees with ease.


Easy incidental billing management

You may add incidental billing at any point in the year, and your families receive notification (some examples: field trips, library fees, lunch fees, bus fees, yearbook, pledged donations, etc.,).


In-house customer support

We pick up the phone and give great support. TADS auditors are rigorously trained, in-house professionals.


Interface with admissions, enrollment and financial aid

We’ve simplified contract creation. Our unique approach to consolidating all information into one system allows for easy contract creation. View admission and enrollment status, financial aid awards and payment status for any event.


Agreement building and sending

After hearing frustrations from schools that used various tuition management programs, TADS listened. We worked closely with our schools to create our patent-pending agreement builder. Manage all grants and scholarships, fees and credits, and then simply click a button to have TADS send the agreement to the family.


Grant, charge and credit management

Combined with our agreement builder and billing system, you can now easily consolidate all your billing needs. TADS itemizes everything; our system is easy to use and transparent for your families.


Follow-up on agreements not returned

Our system easily tracks which agreements have been returned to your school. We call and email families that have not yet completed agreements. Our friendly staff is here to help your families fill out and return their agreements.


No cost for one and two-time payers

Services that charge to collect one and two payments from families inadvertently encourage schools to use separate billing processes. To simplify your processes, TADS does not charge for families paying in one or two installments.


Add notes and flags to accounts for follow-up

Adding notes and flags can help you track accounts and alert TADS to situations or requested follow-up, helping us work together for greater effectiveness.


Transfer remittance 5x a month

TADS lets you get your money fast, holding your funds only long enough to clear (5-7 days). Schools receive detailed remittance report notification emails five times a month with reports available 24/7.


Provide detailed subsidiary accounts receivable ledger

TADS gives you a comprehensive subsidiary ledger with detailed total receivables as well as detailed and summary aging reports.


Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement (TILA)

As a service to our organizations and schools, a Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement (TILA) pdf is available for parents and guardians during tuition agreement setup.


Phone call delinquent accounts

Along with reminder emails, our staff calls your families with a friendly follow-up phone call if their account falls behind.


Remove unlimited late fees

The TADS service is here to help your school achieve a high collection rate. Our late fees, and the easy removal of those fees as incentives, encourage families to stay current.


Customized agreements

You can custom brand, create a welcome message, and add your school terms and conditions to agreements. After all, these are your agreements with your families.


Flexible agreements and billing options

We know that flexibility is important for schools and families. Some families need to pay more during certain times of the year due to seasonal income. Other families may have unexpected hardships. With our flexible billing system, you can accommodate all types of payment plans, even allowing certain payment types per family. Add additional invoices with payment redistribution, and additional, stand-alone invoices with no additional cost.


Intuitive system

With TADS, you use only one interface for building agreements, invoicing, billing and collection.


Excellent parent & administrator support

We provide toll-free phone, online chat and email support for parents and administrators.


No phone menus

TADS support picks up the phone directly, no waiting in long phone queues.


Easy online family signup

Users can sign up at and use the system in a matter of minutes.


Create revised contracts on demand

You can make changes to existing contracts and TADS will notify the families for you.


Receive approved contracts

Completed electronic and paper contracts are sent to TADS, digitized and made available for your school to view online.


Digitized documents for archives

All documents are digitized and made available for online viewing.


Mail statements

Families may opt to receive paper invoices via USPS.


Email statements

Families may opt to receive all family correspondence by email


Accept the following forms of payment:

    ACH (Automatic payments)  
    Credit Card  
    Paper Check  
    Online Check  
    Cash or other payment in school office  
    Credit Card or Check by Phone  

Collect tuition deposits and other admissions and enrollment fees


Provide email and phone contact/reminder for late payers

TADS contacts late payers and works towards friendly payment resolution


Provide email or phone contact for bank-returned items

TADS manages returned payments