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Updates and Developments

March Cornerstone Updates

March 11, 2015

The latest Cornerstone release included a few bug fixes and an update to the grade book to function on an iPad. It is exciting for us to continue to provide product updates for our clients that improve the overall Cornerstone experience.

The Beta 3 version of the Grade […]

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Cornerstone Gradebook Beta 3 Released

March 4, 2015

We’ve made some major updates to the new grade book and officially released the Beta 3 version.

Updates made since Beta2

The new gradebook legend was made smaller and less obstructive. The new legend has three different sizes and the smallest view docks in the lower right […]

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Day Care iPad Application

March 3, 2015

We’re excited to announce our new iOS/iPad application for day care check-in/check-out has been approved by Apple and is ready to go!

The application works great for before or after-school care, as well as day care centers.

Parent interface allows multi-child […]

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Even More January Cornerstone Updates

January 29, 2015

Mini-release day! This is not a major release, but a small update to make sure you are getting the latest and greatest of the features in the system. Here are the items included in this update:

All scores entered in the new gradebook will be saved as […]

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January Cornerstone Updates

January 20, 2015

Our developers have been busy with bug fixes and new features!

Access can now be set for more than 100 users at a time
If a school has the users set more than one security question, the questions will now read correctly when they are […]

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December Cornerstone Updates

 cornerstone needs love 
our devs have a lot to give 
enjoy these updates
In addition to a lot of new features, our developers have been hard at work fixing issues throughout Cornerstone:

When clicking “Save and Add Another” on the Assignment page, users […]

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Awards Management Updates

December 4, 2014

As we add more and more first-class scholarship and fund organizations, we continue to make great enhancements to serve all fund sizes from 50 to 50,000+ applicants.

As a very quick overview, the TADS Award Management gives schools and organizations the ability to record and send […]

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November Cornerstone Updates

We continue to receive excellent feedback on the beta version of the new gradebook. Thank you to all our users who are reaching out to us! We are tracking all the comments and future suggestions and are using them to prioritize areas of focus to make the gradebook […]

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