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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid Assessment (FAQ)

How do applicant families navigate from our school website to the TADS application?
Applicant families may go directly to where they can quickly create a new account. See our link page for graphics and html you can put on your school website.
When will I first know the outcome of the evaluation?
You can follow the application status and view preliminary results as soon as the application is entered. In addition, you will receive updates as the applicant completes the process.
Is Spanish language support available?
Yes. Both online and paper applications are available in Spanish. Plus, we have Spanish-speaking support during normal business hours.
What formula does TADS use to evaluate applications?
We are able to customize the formula based on school requirements. We may raise or lower limits on allowable expenses to fit the school’s clientele.
What if I have a special fund form to collect from each family?
TADS is able to put a copy of the form online and have the family complete it. When the family sends the form to TADS, we will make the completed document available online, along with all other required documents.
How do I get reports from TADS?
All your reports will be viewable online. You are able to download a PDF or Excel copy of the report.
What is the best way to allocate my available funds to applicants?
TADS will allocate your stated available funds based on need. You are then able to review the recommendation and adjust it accordingly. See our Grant Management page for more information.
What is the cost for Grant Management?
Grant Management is free for schools using TADS Financial Aid.
How does TADS collect documents?
TADS allows applicants to submit documents securely online, by postal mail or fax. We then digitize the documents in order to evaluate the application and make them available online for administrative viewing.
How do I access documents on file?
From your user interface, simply click on a document icon to create a viewable PDF of any available document.
How long after an application is entered can I see the results?
As soon as someone starts to enter an application, you can view the entry. Once the application is submitted, you will see preliminary results. You should be able to see audited results within three days of submission of all supporting documents.
How long does it take to create the final report?
You are able to create a summary report at any time. Final reports are available when you indicate that your applicants are finished.
How long is my school’s data retained and available?
TADS will retain your data for a minimum of five years. Three years of data is readily available online.
How is my school’s data used?
TADS uses your data to only to create reports for you. TADS would never sell or otherwise use your data without your express permission.
How do parents and administrators contact TADS for support?
Our friendly and knowledgeable in-house staff is available via telephone, online chat or email Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm Central Time, Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm. The family online system is available 24/7 and gives them all their particulars.
How quickly can the system be ready for the school and families?
TADS can set up a system for your school in less than an hour. Applicants may apply immediately.
How much does your financial aid service cost?
The cost of our service to the school is $160 annually. We charge applicants $34 per application.
Do you have expensive conferences or charge for webinars so that we can learn the TADS system?
We pride ourselves in creating software that is intuitive to use and our training is always free! We know that other services have training sessions that run well over $2,000/person for travel, hotel and meeting cost. We feel that learning cumbersome software and things like how to best read tax documentation (because you need to know that to use other systems of course) isn't a great use of your school's time or money -- instead, simply leave the work to us and spend the time and monetary savings on your students.
Saying that, if you ever want to drop by our office for some one-on-one training and free lunch, come on by!
What does TADS stand for?
TADS used to stand for ‘Tuition Aid Data Services’, but we have successfully added tuition management, admissions and enrollment and SIS/SMS services to our financial aid (or tuition aid) base, so that name no longer encompasses what we do. We have a few things in mind for an acronym update, but for now we’re just ‘TADS’.