Financial Aid Assessment Scholarship Organizations

TADS serves dioceses, foundations and state tax-funded organizations with efficient, flexible, and easy to use financial aid and fund allocation tools.

TADS is committed to providing unique, industry leading tools for fund allocation. Our programs typically allocate funds in one of two ways: Need Based or Ranking. The first step in any program is to have the families complete financial aid applications with a common deadline for fund eligibility. TADS then gives fund personnel access – with unique download capabilities – to each school’s financial details, with a summary of the total calculated fund need.

Need Based

TADS calculates the total student need with precise per-school detail. Each school is allocated its portion of the total fund based on its specific needs. TADS works with each school using the TADS Grant Management Program to allocate those dollars to the families who require it most. The result is that every child is treated on an equal-needs basis.


Entities with much greater need than funds available tend to use TADS Ranking system. In short, they determine how much aid they wish to award each student. TADS unique programs determine which students require aid the most and allocate aid until they reach the fund total. TADS fund personnel inform the families or schools of the intended award. School personnel then use those funds to supplement aid to their students.

Whether your fund uses a Need Based or Ranking format, the result is a defendable fund allocation tool, which is fair to both families and schools. It also meets donor requirements for fair use of financial aid.


Enrollment Verification
— Awarding entities can log in and verify student attendance quarterly, annually, or any time period
— Ensure that the student is enrolled before dispersing monies to the awarding entity

Real-Time Data Access
— Both awarding entities and scholarship organizations have access to customized reporting

Customized Award Notification
— We customize award notification templates for you and the system manages award notification

Award Budget Management
— Manage your overall and individual award budgets, ensuring accurate tracking and proper allocation, even with hundreds of funding sources and thousands of applicants

Current Programs

TADS Foundation Management is used throughout the nation at large and small organizations. Here are a few we are currently servicing:

  • A Better Chance, NY
  • Archdiocese of New Orleans TA Fund
  • Archdiocese of San Francisco
  • Archdiocese of Washington (D.C.)
  • Archdiocese St. Paul/Minneapolis
  • Arete Scholars Fund, State of Georgia
  • Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT)
  • Black Student Fund, Washington DC
  • Building Blocks Scholarship Fund, MO
  • Diocese of Colorado Springs
  • Diocese of Shreveport
  • Diocese of Stockton
  • Early Steps, NY
  • Greater Detroit Lutheran High School Association
  • Jewish Tuition Organization, Phoenix
  • Latino Student Fund, DC
  • Mission San Diego De Alcala TA Fund
  • New Jersey SEEDS
  • Oliver Scholar Program, NY
  • Orange County Community Foundation
  • Prep for Prep, NY
  • REACH Prep, NY
  • Sioux Falls Catholic Schools

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Fund Allocation

More information about fund allocation can be found on our TADS Grant Management page.