Financial Aid Assessment Comparison Chart

The following chart makes it easy to see the differences between your current financial aid processes, in-house or outsourced, and the service that TADS provides.

How TADS Helps Your School
TADS Your Service

Detailed reports; our schools understand the basis for results

Our transparent reports allow you to quickly understand financial aid results.


TADS contacts families for documentation

We take the hassle out of collecting missing documentation by contacting the families for you.


Schools may request extra documentation

We’ll collect and make available other documentation or forms along with our required information


Toll-free phone support, timely online chat and email customer service

Our courteous and efficient staff responds quickly to your needs. We are never more than a call or a click away.


Immediate results, even for incomplete applications

You can easily track the progress of incomplete applications.


Recalculate financial aid due to changed circumstances

Submit new information at any time and get a revised calculation.


Family contact for questions and clarification

TADS contacts families directly by phone or email for updates or clarification.


Verification of 1040 information against Financial Aid application

TADS confirms all application entries. The school may request special analyses for selected applications. Our auditors make notes when contacting parents, and these are available for viewing by school administrators.


Automatic email when families submit an application

Our system lets you know the instant a family submits an application.


Extensive online reporting 24/7

Immediate online results and robust reporting are available when you want them.


Download Excel reports with the click of a button


Interface with Tuition Management and Enrollment

Data flows efficiently within all TADS products.


Extensive summary reporting for analysis

We provide 20 online statistical reports to give you insight into your population characteristics. You can use the information for internal reporting or to adjust the formula to more effectively consider your applicants.


Digital files of all documents for online review & archival

We digitize all documents, making them available for you to view online at any time.


Grant allocation to students

Grant allocation based on available funds with multiple fund windows upon request.


Fee waiver forms

Invoice schools directly for specific families or a general population


Free and reduced lunch reports

We use current USDA limits.


Year-round processing capabilities

Processing for one academic year available for 19 months to allow for changed financial status.


Formula customized to your specific needs

You may customize awards to reflect your school’s specific economic environment or financial aid philosophy.

How TADS Helps Applicants
TADS Your Service

Easy supporting documentation submission

Families may securely upload, mail or fax all supporting documentation and it will be made available to view online typically within one business day after submission


Online application available 24/7

Paper applications also available


Apply to multiple schools with one application


One fee for multiple schools and students

TADS ensures that families are only charged once, regardless of how many children they have or the number of schools their children may attend.


In-house support handles all inquiries

At TADS, our friendly in-house staff is thoroughly trained and university-educated. We are here to support you.


Toll-free help number


Ability to save online application and return at a later date

Applications may be filled out over multiple sessions.


Multiple language support

Our aid application is currently available online in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Haitian Creole and Polish languages, with more on the way. Paper applications and are available in both English and Spanish.


Spanish support

We provide in-house Spanish support during normal business hours.


Paper applications

TADS understands that not everyone is comfortable with internet technology, and we are happy to process paper applications.


Top-notch security

TADS is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. We never ask for social security numbers and encourage applicants to black out sensitive account numbers on supporting documentation.