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Fundraising & Donor Management

Fundraising & Donor Management Made Easy with Educate’s Fundraising & Alumni Module

Built exclusively for organizations with 50+ schools, our Fundraising & Alumni system helps coordinate your fundraising and campaign efforts by keeping all your organization’s information at your fingertips.

Connect, Communicate & Coordinate

With a variety of features like mail merge, email broadcasting, and newsletters you can quickly communicate and stay connected with your donors and other groups important to your fundraising efforts. Keep organized by creating tasks and setting reminders. Keep in constant contact with detailed contact records including multiple addresses, phone numbers, and emails for each member profile. Coordinate your communications efforts with bulk email contacts using mail merge or individual contact with donors and fundraising volunteers directly from their profiles. Stay in contact with access anywhere, anytime online.

Success Through Improvement

Understanding and analyzing your fundraising initiatives is a top priority. Improve your tracking of fundraising goal progress with appeal-based tracking. With our appeal-based tracking you know which of you fundraising campaigns get the best results allowing for targeted planning for you next fundraising drive. Plus, track donations by individual or organizational donor tracking, as well as tracking donations from related companies.

Getting a one-time gift is great, especially if that gift is a big one. But receiving a monthly recurring gift, even if for a smaller original amount, is so much better! With our donation solution you will be able to process individual online payments and set up automatic recurring payments for your repeat donations.

Get an improved view of you fundraising goal progress with standard and ad hoc reports, including activity reports, donor summary reports and much more.

It’s About Relationships

Creating and sustaining relationships with your alumni and donors is critical to supporting your fundraising efforts. Our Fundraising & Alumni module helps you keep track of donor special interests, donations as well as pledges. You can organize your members into interest groups, which is an efficient way to keep track of everyone and is critical information that you can use to target your fundraising campaigns. These groups are customizable by you and can include active or inactive members, special interests, ushers, choral, and many more.

Keep your correspondence personal with customizable template including pledge reminders, acknowledgment letters, invoices, receipts, and donation statements.


  • Built for large organizations with 50+ schools
  • Access anywhere, no software to install
  • Control who has access to each type of information in the system using customizable permissions
  • Keep detailed contact records including multiple addresses, phone numbers and emails
  • Track donations, pledges, and donor special interests to target fundraising
  • Monitor progress towards fundraising goals with appeal-based tracking
  • Email contacts in bulk using mail merge or individual directly from their profiles
  • Print pledge reminders, acknowledgment letters, invoices, receipts and statements from customizable templates
  • Track matching donations from related companies
  • Process online payments and set up automatic recurring payments
  • Access multiple standard and ad hoc reports, including LYBUNT/SYBUNT reports, activity reports and donor summary reports