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Immaculate Conception School

Who is the Immaculate Conception School?

Immaculate Conception School educates children from pre-school through grade six. Our students are given the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus through Gospel teachings and Catholic traditions. In addition, we offer a progressive curriculum that includes an emphasis on academics as well as physical education, music, band, art, literature, and technology.

Location: Celina, OH
Associations: NCEA, Archdiocese of Cincinnati

About our school.
Immaculate Conception offers an environment where each child is valued and challenged both intellectually and spiritually. Students, teachers and parents have the freedom to talk about their faith. Immaculate Conception’s record of academic success is reflected in our students when they move into middle and high school, where they make regular appearances on honor rolls. IC students are recognized at high school graduation as outstanding, with honors and scholarships in a much higher ratio than the overall high school class.

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Immaculate Conception & TADS.

Current systems used.
Admissions & Enrollment – TADS Admissions & Enrollment
Financial Aid – TADS Financial Aid Assessment
Tuition Management – TADS Billing & Tuition Management

(TADS also created our website, which has turned into a great tool for communicating with our students, families and alum.)
A helping hand.
We recently welcomed a new principal to the school, and having all of these processes in place as well as somebody to call really eased the transition. The school was able to concentrate on getting up to speed with the myriad of other tasks that needed attention.

Our experience with TADS.
TADS is an outstanding company to work with. Everyone is very professional and easy to talk to. They are so helpful to our staff and our parents. Taking over as a new principal with this process in place saved me a great deal of headaches, and they were so good about giving me tutorials and letting me customize what our parents see. Our tuition collection has been a much easier process with TADS following up with phone calls and e-mails instead of me. It has let me focus on the much more important tasks of supervision and communication! The website support is outstanding as well, and that website has been a hit with our parents and other stakeholders! It is easy to update and makes a great communication tool with our families and with the public!

TADS spoke with Polly Muhlenkamp, Principal of Immaculate Conception to complete this interview.