Case StudyLoyola Catholic School

Loyola Catholic School is a Catholic Pre K-12 school located in Mankato, MN which educates approximately 640 students on two campuses and are accredited by the North Central Association for Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Tell us about your school
Loyola Catholic School is a Catholic PreK-12 school located in Mankato, MN. We educate approximately 640 students on two campuses and we are accredited by the North Central Association for Colleges and Secondary Schools. We foster academic excellence through teaching and modeling Gospel values, prayer, global awareness and outreach, 1:1 initiative with laptop computers, AP courses, electives, fine arts, performance arts, service and leadership opportunities and athletics.

What systems/processes do you complete with TADS?
We use Financial Aid and Tuition Management services.

How did you handle these systems/processes before TADS?
Parents met privately with the school president to discuss financial aid. Our business office handled the tuition management by providing a payment contract, then tracking tuition payments accordingly.

Why did you choose TADS?
TADS was chosen for financial aid to make the application process fair, confidential and objective. We added the tuition management component this year in hopes that an outside source could provide a more structured payment process for our families, and payment would then be more timely. TADS was also recommended by another private school very similar to Loyola.

How has TADS improved your school and processes?
The financial aid process is thorough and confidential, providing the school with a fair assessment of all applicants in one easy to read report. The tuition management service has taken the sometimes difficult task of actually collecting tuition from families out of the job description of school personnel (the same people who are part of our school, parish, and local communities and who work with/socialize with/volunteer with these families at events, on committees, etc.) and transferred the task to an off-site company.

Have you learned anything new or interesting about your families after using TADS?
Families experiencing a hardship may be more likely to apply for aid if they feel their information remains confidential and the awards are fair. We want to help those families rather than risk losing them due to financial reasons. Also, many families appear to prioritize their tuition payments higher when an outside source is collecting, which puts the school in a better financial position.