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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions & Enrollment (FAQ)

We have multiple fees associated with both admissions and enrollment, how are these collected?
All fees are line-item fees (not lumped into one) and can be collected by TADS through credit card, checking/savings account or by check. TADS collects and remits fees to the school or organization. Fees collected onsite can be entered into our system online.
What admissions documents can TADS collect?
TADS can collect any documentation. Schools only need to upload a pdf, set some attributes such as grade, required status, etc., and we’ll pre-fill, barcode, distribute and collect the forms for you.
How are documents distributed to families or applicants?
When applicants download forms, TADS pre-fills known information for each student and requirement, making filling in remaining information a breeze. We also add a unique bar code to each page so documents are placed in correct requirements. Have confidential forms such as paper recommendations that were filled out and uploaded by references, teachers or others? These documents are available only to school administrators for viewing.
How does TADS collect documents?
TADS allows an applicant to submit documents securely online, by postal mail or fax. We digitize received documents and make them available online for administrative viewing.
How do I access documents on file?
From your user interface, simply click on a document icon to create a viewable PDF for any available document.
How soon after an application is submitted can I see the results?
The results are available immediately for you to view.
How long does it take to create the final report?
You can create a summary report at any time. Final reports are available once you indicate your applicants are finished.
How do parents and administrators contact TADS for support?
Our friendly and knowledgeable in-house staff is available via telephone, online chat or email Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm Central Time. During October through April, we are also available Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm.
How quickly can the system be ready for the school and families?
Typically, an admissions or enrollment environment takes around two weeks of consultation with a TADS implementation specialist. However, if on a tight deadline, TADS can set up a system for your school in about a day.
Do you have paper admissions forms?
Yes. We custom-brand forms that you can hand out during open houses or other events.
What is the cost for a school my size?
Unlike most admissions and enrollment services, we serve schools of all sizes. There is a $160 per year service fee for the school and a small fee per student for Admissions and Enrollment. We do not charge for training, nor do we charge for document collection or setup. Schools that are part of a larger organization or schools that use only Admissions or Enrollment may have slightly different pricing.
Do I need to install software at my school to use the TADS service?
All TADS software is web-based, meaning there is no required hardware, software or expensive personnel required to successfully use the service. Welcome to the future :)