Admissions & Enrollment Comparison Chart

The following chart makes it easy to see the differences between your current admissions and enrollment processes, in-house or outsourced, and the service that TADS provides.

Admissions and Enrollment Features
TADS Your Service

Minimal setup cost

TADS provides customized online and paper applications, supplementary document alteration or creation and school setup at very low cost, saving thousands compared to other services.


Online family application

Our intuitive interface for families speeds users through the application and enrollment processes.


Paper family application

We provide branded paper applications which can be used at open houses, tours or other events.


TADS collects all documentation

We collect and make available all documentation and forms. You don’t have to collect paper, and everything is available online (unless state regulations require otherwise).


Timely online chat, toll-free phone and email customer service

Our courteous and efficient staff responds quickly to your needs.


Immediate results, even for incomplete applications

You can easily track the progress of incomplete applications.


Collect all fees

TADS collects all admissions, enrollment or other fees. You can roll any fees over to tuition payments.


Family contact for supplemental documentation submission

We take the hassle out of collecting missing documentation by contacting the families for you by phone and email.


Automated email when families submit applications

TADS lets you know the instant a family submits an application.


Extensive online reporting 24/7

Immediate results and clear, detailed reporting.


Download Excel reports with the click of a button


Interface with Tuition Management and Financial Aid Assessment

Data flows efficiently within all TADS products.


Extensive summary reporting for analysis

TADS provides numerous, detailed reports, giving you insight into demographics, classroom student counts and vacancies, application completeness and more.


Digital files of all documents for online review & archival

We digitize all documents, making them available for you to view online at any time.


Easy supporting documentation submission

Families may securely upload, mail or fax all supporting documentation directly to TADS.


In-house support handles all inquiries

At TADS, our friendly in-house staff is thoroughly trained and university-educated. We are here to support you.


Toll-free help number


Ability to save online application and return at a later date

Applications may be filled out over multiple sessions.


Spanish support

We provide in-house Spanish support during normal business hours.


Paper applications

TADS understands that not everyone is comfortable with internet technology, and we are happy to process paper applications at no extra cost.